How to prevent becoming a victim of burglary

By Fred - August 11th, 2020 Posted in Locksmith Gosport Blog No comments

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Controlling access to your home

Burglars are very resourceful thieves and they are always on the lookout for a weak spot in your home security systems and when they find that weakness, they will take full advantage of this.

You need to make sure your doors are properly secured with up to date locks. Doors and windows are the most common access points for burglars to gain entry to your property.  Whatever you can do to safeguard your property and your belongings to make it more difficult for burglars is a positive thing.

Check your security!

Remember your home is only as secure as its weakest point of entry.  Which is why it is important to have doors and windows that are as secure as possible.  Just by closing your door will not prevent a burglar. You need to make sure that you have a modern multi-locking system in place as Insurance companies are starting to become more aware of home security.   In some cases, they state that you must have certain locks fitted to your property otherwise your house insurance would become void if you were to be broken into.

It is important to check that your door locks conform to current guidelines. If they don’t then you should get them replaced as soon as possible.

Becoming a victim of a Burglar

Becoming a victim of a burglary it is not as uncommon as you think.  Some people think that they were just unfortunate that the burglar chose their property to break into, but after years in the locksmith industry, our team at Saunders Locksmiths have quite different views regarding this.  In nearly all the cases we see when we go to a property to re secure it after a break-in, we find that there is always one or more things which stand out that has made the property an easy target.

Our Advice

The best advice against protecting your home or business from burglaries that we have is to make sure your property is as secure as it can be. If you have better security measures in place than other properties in your neighbourhood then you will be less of a target to burglars as they will always go for the easiest and less secure property first.

To ensure your property is as secure as it can be you first need to know what measures you have in place and then look at how they can be improved.  This is where we can offer advice and help.

Our team at Saunders Locksmiths are always available to help customers across Gosport assess their home security measures and advise you on how they can be improved. If needed, we can usually supply and fit the appropriate security systems within the same day.

Security Methods

It is proven that burglar’s find homes and businesses that have a wide range of security measures in place a lot more off putting to them and would probably move on to target a different property. Often a burglar will spend time assessing different areas and properties.  They will be checking to see if properties are an easy target for them and also checking for any weaknesses in the property’s security.

When looking at your security measures you have in place already, you should pay attention to the security that is visible from the outside of your property.  These are the ones that work best at discouraging burglars from your property in the first place as they will be more noticeable.

Noticeable Security Methods would include:

  • Multiple locks/high Security Locks
  • Window Locks
  • Security lighting
  • Security Grilles
  • CCTV
  • Alarms

Less visible security methods that you can use:

  • Birmingham Bars
  • Hinge bolts
  • London Bars

Even Though a burglar will not see these measures in place at your premises it will still make your property a lot harder to gain entry into and this could be the difference between an attempted break-in and a successful break-in.

Simple Security Measures that you should have in place.

If you are not happy about having a visual deterrent on your property or installing high end security measures, then there are some basic security measures that every property should have in place.

  • All windows should have key operated locks fitted and should not be left open when the property is empty.
  • All external doors should have a 5-leaver BS3621 British Standard dead lock installed

If you do not have any of the basic security systems in place at your property or even your business, then we would recommend that you deal with this as soon as possible.   Saunders locksmiths will be able to easily install or upgrade your door and window locks.  Then when we have dealt with upgrading the basic security on your property, we could then help with applying higher levels of security methods to your property so you can better protect yourself from a burglary.

If you need any help or advice on improving your home security or you would like to talk to a member of our team about some of the security measures mentioned above then contact us today on 023 9236 6230