Lock Changes: Why It’s So Important When You Move Home

By Fred - July 14th, 2020 Posted in Locksmith Gosport Blog No comments

Moving Home

Moving home creates a whirlwind of emotions regardless of how many times you have done it, the most common are often stress mixed with excitement. It is likely because of this that people often overlook an extremely important home security measure, getting the external door locks changed! To some this may not seem like such an important thing to do especially with everything else that’s going on and all the other stuff that needs arranging and organising, however getting the locks changed should be at the top of your to do list for one reason only, you cant be sure who has a copy of the key to your new property from previous occupants and what their intentions may be to do with them.

Home Office Statistics

  • When compared to the average burglary rate your chances of falling victim to a burglary are almost doubled within the first twelve months of moving into a new property (2.5% compared to 4.6%)
  • When you compare statistics to people that have lived in their properties for ten years or more you are almost three times as likely to get burgled when you have just moved into a new property (1.6% compared to 4.6%)
  • Shockingly, homeowners that don’t have any home security measures in place are a massive ten times more likely to get burgled that those that have even the simplest security measures in place such as upgraded door and window locks (22.5% compared to 2.5%)

Who Has A Copy Of The Key To Your Property?

It is estimated that around 37,500 properties will have new occupants each year, and what’s even more shocking is that most homeowners are completely unaware that there is likely to be at least one copy of the key to their new property still in circulation from previous occupants. A survey was carried out by NOP which revealed that over 58% of homeowners in Brittan give out a spare key to their property to a friend or relative.

A separate survey carried out by Halifax Home Insurance showed that a massive twelve million adults have lost the keys to their property up to six times within the last ten years and nether even thought to have the locks changed!

If when you move into a new property you don’t have the locks changed or if your keys have been lost, then you can never be totally sure that your home is still secure. Another thing worth considering is that if you do fall victim to a break in and you never had the locks changed when you moved into your new property then you may find that your insurer will be unwilling to pay out on any claims made as in there eyes you have not taken enough steps to ensure your property was secure.

By having your locks changed and even upgraded you not only benefit from the piece of mind that your home is as secure as it can be to keep your family and belongings safe, but you may also find that your insurance premiums come down as well.

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