Worries over Lock Snapping

Over the last few years there has been a growing concern around the lock snapping method that burglars are using to gain entry to properties.   Saunders Locksmiths can advise you on the best security and locks to help prevent lock snapping.  We can also offer a free security check of your property to make sure that all your locks are up to standard.

Lock snapping consists of snapping the lock cylinder in two by using force.  Once snapped, the intruder can remove the outside casing of the lock to reveal the lock mechanism which will then allow the door to be opened.

Do I have Anti Snap Locks?

It can be quite difficult to work out if your existing lock is an anti-snap lock.  Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, the only way to know this is to remove the lock from the door frame and look for the anti-snap lines (commonly known as the sacrificial snap line).  We would recommend that you use a professional locksmith for this as you may damage the door if you try doing this yourself.

If the lock is NOT fitted correctly, then this can have a damaging effect on your lock and leave it susceptible to snapping. 


What are Anti-Snap Locks?

Lock companies have produced high security euro anti-snap cylinders that are specially designed and tested to help protect against the lock snapping method. These are also known as ‘Snap safe Locks’.  These types of cylinder locks are normally found on uPVC doors.


Do Anti Snap Locks Work Against the Blowtorch Method and Lock Bumping?

Recent Police reports states that there is another burglary technique being used called the blowtorch method which has been used across the UK.  Blowtorching is where the locking system is burnt out of the door entirely in a matter of seconds allowing burglars to gain entry to your property. This latest method is a growing fad for intruders to use.  Anti-Snap locks can also help protect your premises against the blowtorch technique.

The lock bumping technique became a security concern in about 2002. The Bumping method consists of a burglar inserting a specially cut key into the lock then softly bumps it with a screwdriver or a mallet. This will then force the pins in the lock to the shear line, then the key can turn, and the door is then opened. The specially designed key that is needed to carry out this method is easy to get hold of.  You can even order these online which is worrying. You do not need any skill or training to be able to carry out his method.

How Does and Anti Snap Lock Work?

An anti-snap lock cylinder has a line cut into the cylinder body.  This is known as a sacrificial snap line which faces the outside of the door. When force is applied to the lock, the cylinder snaps along this line, but the mechanism stays undamaged.  This leaves the locking mechanism in place keeping the door locked.


Where Can You Fit Anti Snap Locks?

Anti-snap locks can be fitted on any typical standard door within your home or business premises.  They can also be fitted to other types of doors like composite and wooden doors, aluminium doors, patio doors, front, back and side doors and uPVC.  Saunders Locksmiths in Gosport can fit these locks for you professionally and securely.


What Are the Best Anti Snap Locks to Use?

There are many different types of anti-snap locks that are available in stores and online.  But what people really want to know is which locks are the most secure and can provide the highest level of security. If you are thinking about changing your locks to the latest anti-snap locks, then we would recommend reading about the various star ratings and British Standard locks that are available.

Below we have listed a few variations to look out for when choosing an anti-snap lock.

3 star kitemark

TS007 3-Star BSI Kitemark Cylinder

These locks each have a star rating which can either be a one star, two star or a three-star rating.  A one-star rating is for cylinders with a basic approval and these have not been tested for snapping.  Two stars are for door handles and other door accessories.  Then the three stars are for cylinders which have been tested for their resistance to lock snapping.  This 3-star lock is an anti-snap lock and will safeguard you against all known lock snapping techniques which are currently being used within the UK.

Sold Secure SS312 Diamond Cylinders

SS312 Diamond is one of the first test standard locks developed to deal with lock snapping and is considered to be the top level of approval for cylinders.  Sold Secure test a wide range of door locks to make sure that they can withstand the latest methods used by intruders. Sold Secure work closely with police and insurance companies.  Only when goods have been assessed to satisfactory levels can they bear their mark.

1 Star Cylinder with 2 Star Furniture

This is a high specification TS007 1 star rated cylinder that resists picking, drilling, twisting, bumping, and screw attacks.  It also has the British Kitemark TS007:2014 1 star rated lock and is approved by the Master Locksmith Association. It follows all the requirements of BS EN1303:2005.  When the 1star lock is fitted and combined with 2-star door handles then this can provide a 3 star security rating.


Call Saunders Locksmiths for Advice and Information

If you have any questions or need advice about anti-snap locks, then Saunders Locksmiths would be happy to help.  Saunders Locksmiths have a huge amount of experience and knowledge that we can offer to our customers.  Please call us no matter what the time day or night on 07720610025.