Front Door Security Improvements

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When you become the victim of a break in it is never expected and is often a very traumatic time, and the trauma can have a lasting effect for a long time after the whole ordeal is over and done with. This is why our team at Saunders Locksmiths have created this handy guide full of tips on how to improve the overall security of your front door.

Lock Upgrades

The lock you have on your front door is one of the most important security measures when it comes to defending against burglars. You should take a look at your existing locks and ensure there is no damage and they are not low quality or old.

If your current locks are damaged or do not meet British Standard BS3621 or TS007 then you should seriously consider having your locks upgraded as soon as possible, this will not only vastly improve the security of your front door but you may also find you save a bit of money on your insurance premiums as the new locks you have fitted will be insurance approved.

It is shocking but there are still millions of UK homes that have sub standard locks and the problem with this is that if they fall victim to a break in and there locks don’t meet their insurers minimum requirements then the chances are their claim will not be processed as the policy would be void.

Door Frame Strength

You may already have the best possible lock on your front door however, if your door frame is too weak the lock cannot work to its full potential. Wooden doors are particularly vulnerable to being forced open.

You can have your door frame reinforced with a strike plate. Long screws attach a metal plate to the studs. Strike plates are readily available from most DIY shops however if you do not fancy installing one yourself your local locksmith will be able to do this for you.

Check that your door frame is tightly screwed down as a loose door frame can drastically reduce the overall security of your front door. Your door frame can also be reinforced by using hinge bolts, these bolts have been designed specifically to stop the door from being kicked off its hinges.

Install A Deadbolt

Having a deadbolt installed will drastically increase the security of your front door. There is a vast range of dead bolts available all offering different levels of protection so it might be worth having a chat with your local locksmith to decide which one will work best for you. You may also want a locksmith to install the dead bolt for you as it is important that when fitted the bolt extends deep into the door frame to stop it being forced open.

If you are looking at improving the security of your front door then contact Saunders Locksmiths today to find out what measures will work best for the type of door you have – 023 9236 6230