Need A Locksmith In Gosport?

By Fred - January 11th, 2022 Posted in Locksmith Gosport Blog No comments


People can sometimes be unsure of who to call when something goes wrong with their doors or windows. This is why our team at Saunders Locksmiths have put together this helpful guide on some of the more common reasons people will call out a locksmith.

Locked Out Of Your Property – Locking yourself out of your house is an all too common mistake that can be quickly remedied by calling a professional locksmith. They will have you back inside your home in no time without having to resort any destructive methods.

Lost or stolen keys – When you lose your keys, it can be a frustrating experience. You might think about how much time and hassle this is going to cause for everyone who lives in the home with access – especially if they’re children! Maybe your keys to your home were stolen and now you feel insecure and would prefer a new lock and set of keys. In this situation it is best to contact your emergency locksmith to replace the locks and prevent the thief from using your keys to burgle your home.

Damaged Key – Sometimes, over time a key can become weakened and snap in the lock. If you have recently experienced this issue with your keys or are experiencing similar problems at present, then do not try to extract them yourself as it could cause more damage! In this case a locksmith can be of assistance in extracting broken bits of key from the lock and replacing your key.

Lock Repair – The locks on your door are there for a reason, but they can be damaged by wear and tear. You might not realize it’s happened until you try opening the door – then what? You need to call out a professional locksmith, they will diagnose the problem then either make the necessary repairs or replace the lock if it is beyond repair.

Lock Changes/Upgrades – If you have a non-insurance approved lock on your property and there’s been a break in, then the insurance won’t cover any of those lost possessions. A professional locksmith can change out those old substandard locks for ones that are more secure so they comply with all regulations BS3621 AND ts007 for uPVC doors.

Moved Home – It’s always good practice to have your locks changed, especially if you’ve recently moved into a new place. A professional locksmith who knows what they’re doing will be able change the locks and provide you with a new set of keys so that you can be safe in the knowledge that only you and those you trust have a copy of the key to your new home.

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